Et si vous osiez faire le plus beau métier du monde ?

Soirée découverte du métier de couple d’hôtes chez Châteauform’

Pour tout savoir sur ce métier de rêve, venez échanger avec nos couples d’hôtes
lors de la soirée découverte qui aura lieu

le 17 Mai 2019 à 18h00 à Châteauform’ City Rio

4, place de Rio de Janeiro, 75008 Paris

Dans l’attente du plaisir de vous accueillir !

L’équipe Talents & Culture


Welcome to Châteauform'!

I'm joining the adventure!
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The magic of seminars & events

First and foremost, Châteauform’ is a human adventure, one that has continued since 1996.
Our goal is to make our participants happy for the time of their event and our staff happy each and every day!

1996 opening year

1700 Talents

4000 client companies

70 houses across Europe

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Become our next Talent!

Come and join the great Châteauform’ family! In France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium or Germany, there is sure to be the right opening for you. And if human values are as important for you as they are for us – a humanist company -, then let’s meet! Châteauform’ is evolving to meet the growing expectations of its clients while pampering its Talents. Happy staff means happy clients.

That is why we give precedence to staff training, the transmission skills and transfer of knowledge. Teams progress by working together but also by communicating with their peers throughout the year. Our rituals and symbols anchor our corporate culture in each of us. Welcome to Châteauform’.

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A family full of talent!

Our mission is to welcome participants to our residential homes, city homes or event venues for them to experience the magic of seminars and events. This magic is created by our house teams.

For seminars, it takes one great big family led by a host couple to treat our participants. The host couple is there to look after the participants as well as their staff: reception hosts, technical managers, housekeepers, maintenance managers, gardener, table hosts and kitchen staff: Chef, Sous-chef, Chf de partie, Commis, Kitchen porter.  The host couple works closely with the house chef, who together form the trio that runs the house.

On the Event side,  the site managers and their Talents are working our technical partners to organize and ensure the success of various events and happenings. The delicious gourmet moments are provided by our caterer, Nomad, the table of Châteauform’.

Our head office, the Family Home as we call it, is the support crew to all onsite teams. Accounting, marketing & communication, decoration & interior design, procurement, cost and management, IT, recruitment and payroll, client intimacy. All these services support our homes on a daily basis by providing them with their expertise.

Other in-house team support: Customer Relations Deparment teams who are commited to offering our customers  the houses or sites best suited to the purpose and format of their seminar or event. Without these teams, nothing would be possible.

There is a wide choice of career paths to chose from at Châteauform’.
It’s up to you to find yours!

A humanist company based on goodformance : performance + goodwill Bertrand, Managing Director
Being a Host Couple is first and foremost having a passion; it means loving to share, to host, to create a connection and to make others happy. Private: Fatine & Pierre, Host couple
Client satisfaction is the absolute priorty Gratianne, Head of communication for City experience
For us "the table" is not a piece of furniture, it is an art. Jean-Pierre, guarantor of the group’s culture and culinary identity
I love to create a connection with our guests so they become part of our great family and feel wonderfully at ease when they are here. Anouk, Seminar advisor for City experience

What is a humanist company? It is a company that has chosen to manage through values rather than rules and places its men and women at the heart of the company instead of performance.

Our managerial practices are grounded in our values. We know that by sharing these same values, we work with trust, we co-construct and give our Talents “free reign to satisfy our clients, whatever the cost and without having to ask for permission from anyone.”

Managing a company through values gives its teams greater autonomy and responsibility.  We are looking for people that are committed not obedient. This allows them to feel recognised for who they are. A recognised Talent is a dedicated Talent. At Châteauform’, the client is the boss and it is our role to make him/her happy!

What our Talents say about us

Happy Talents make happy clients

Séverine & Sébastien, Host couple - Château de Suduiraut An incredible life!

We enjoy an incredible life as a family, with our team in an enchanting setting. We meet participants from all walks of life, bringing magical ideas and moments througout the house for everyone to enjoy and leave with unforgettable memories.

Séverine & Sébastien, Host couple - Château de Suduiraut
Paul, Head Chef - Château de Faverges Seasonal-fresh produce!

I get up everyday with the same motivation to enjoy what I do and pass that same feeling on, to offer inviting dishes. What a pleasure it is to go to the house’s vegetable garden to pick and prepare garden-fresh produce.

Paul, Head Chef - Château de Faverges
Audrey, Seminar advisor A unique moment!

It’s such a pleasure to show and present our houses, each one with their unique character, atmosphere and charm. In close collaboration with our site teams, we bring our experience, advice and creativity to make each event unique.

Audrey, Seminar advisor