Careers at Châteauform'

Host couple

Being a Châteauform’ host couple means having the best job in the world! Do you love entertaining, hosting, being part of a team and working together as a couple ?
Then you’re the perfect fit. Come and live an extraordinary family and human adventure. Take over the helm of one of our houses to help give our participants an unforgettable experience, working hand-in-hand with your onsite team and head chef.

Are you ready for the best job in the world ?

  • unique, charismatic and spontaneous
  • eager to make others happy
  • fulfilled when part of a team
  • for whom everything is possible
  • ready for adventure
Skill set
  • fluent in French and English, and…
  • a knack for customer satisfaction and pleasing others
  • efficient and caring managerial skills
  • a desire to train and transmit know-how
  • a taste for intrapreneurship
Dare to please

Being a Châteauform’ host couple means waking up everyday with the same desire to please your participants and make your team happy.

The host couple’s primary role is to greet the participants, coachs and organizers and help them throughout their stay at the house to ensure their seminar is a success.

The host couple’s second role is to bring the house to life. They run a residence with 27 to 160 bedrooms, meeting rooms, kitchen and grounds, oversee the leisure activities and keep everything within operating and investment budgets.

But also...

Being a Châteauform’ host couple above all means working in hand-in-hand with the house Chef to form the trio that runs the house. It means being in charge of the hiring of a team of 15 to 50 Talents, overseeing their training and transmitting them our humanist corporate culture.

« Happy Talents means happy clients. »

This mission is underpinned by a sense of family felt by every member. Each house team is like a family, whose members are there to help one another. This solidarity is also passed between host couples from other sites. Your peers play a crucial role from the beginning of your adventure with Châteauform’. Candidate couples are first reviewed by a panel of five host couples and then once in their role, they challenge and learn from each other at regular co-working events. Host couples need to be intrapreneurs, who each year carry out a designated task with their teams as well as running the household.

Build your career
in unique settings

Châteauform’ offers a vast array of houses, both in terms of architecture and location.

We are present in six countries across Europe and encourage mobility between countries and regions. Whether you would rather be in a castle, an abbey, a mountain chalet or a stately townhouse, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Because happy Talents...

Being a Host Couple is first and foremost having a passion; it means loving to share, to host, to create a connection and to make others happy. Private: Fatine & Pierre, Host couple
Client satisfaction is the absolute priorty Gratianne, Head of communication for City experience
I love to create a connection with our guests so they become part of our great family and feel wonderfully at ease when they are here. Anouk, Seminar advisor for City experience
A humanist company based on goodformance : performance + goodwill Bertrand, Managing Director
For us "the table" is not a piece of furniture, it is an art. Jean-Pierre, guarantor of the group’s culture and culinary identity
Interview with Marie & Cédrik
Host couple at City Le Metropolitan

You work together every day. Isn’t’ that a bit daunting ?
No, not at all. What better than working as a family? We trust each other. There is no sense of competition and it’s pretty great to work in these conditions.

What values guide your work everyday at Châteauform' ?
Humanist values! We were given Châteauform’s seven values as soon as we arrived: love for the customer; always keep learning; loyalty, integrity, honesty; a sense of family; not attribution but contribution; always keep daring; rigour and performance.
We focus on the love for our customers. We are here for our participants but also for our team, because happy Talents means happy participants. The way we host is entirely made-to-measure. The client must feel “like they are at home, far away from home. »

Has Châteauform’ created a new form of management ?
Exactly: a family management! The whole team operates on the same wavelength as the host couple. We make sure that the team also feels like the house is theirs, like a second home. Together we develop our know-how and soft skills.
Our values are very real management tool. A desire to perform is very present but one brought about through goodwill. We practice encouraging goodwill!

What exactly do businesses come to you for ?
They are looking for new ways to work, to break away from their routine and comfort zone in a welcoming and caring environment.

What word would sum up your daily experience with Châteauform’ ?
Joy! The joy of not having any boundaries, the joy of bringing out the best in our Talents and the joy of pampering our participants.

Our Recruitment Process

What it is like being hired at Châteauform' ?

Each application is given careful consideration and every candidate will receive an answer.
Successful candidates then go through an integration and training process because we like to offer a personal welcome to each new recruit.

« Happy Talents make happy clients »