Careers at Châteauform'

Head Chef

Being a head chef at Châteauform’ means wanting to cook with fresh, in-season produce.
It means taking pleasure in delighting our participants with your own style of cuisine.
It is also means enjoying working in a team, not only with your kitchen staff but also alongside the host couple.
Together, the chef and the host couple form the trio that runs the house. Welcome home!

Being a head chef at Châteauform’ means you love to cook, to share your creations and to pass on your skills !

  • has poise
  • wants to please other
  • is open to others
  • a company player
  • proactive
Skill set
  • own culinary identity
  • new trends
  • all about the products
  • leadership and accompaniment
Dare to please...

Being a head chef at Châteauform’ means being passionate, passing this passion, preparations and recipes on to others, giving tips that make all the difference, and interacting with our participants invited to explore our kitchens before being served. The presence and poise of the chef and his/her team are one of the cornerstones of our concept. To make sure that all of the aspects of this role suit you, the main part of the recruitment process is done by your peers. The host couple starts the process, then after meeting with them you spend two days being assessed by a Cuisine guide (another chef who is also a Table mentor). You will discover the Châteauform’ family spirit and how we operate working alongside other chefs, who will also be your assessors.

But also...

Being a head chef at Châteauform’ also means being part of one of the Europe’s largest families of chefs.
The Châteauform’ Chefs’ Club has 70 chefs from all walks of life, cultures and nationalities.

You are accompanied by your Happy Chef – a mentor and advisor who is well acquainted with our corporate culture and will be your go-to person throughout your career with us. With your host couple, the Châteauform’ ecosystem offers an exceptional working experience.

Build your career
in unique settings

Châteauform’ offers a vast array of houses, both in terms of architecture and location.

We are present in six countries across Europe and encourage mobility between countries and regions. Whether you would rather be in a castle, an abbey, a mountain chalet or a stately townhouse, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Because happy Talents...

For us "the table" is not a piece of furniture, it is an art. Jean-Pierre, guarantor of the group’s culture and culinary identity
Being a Host Couple is first and foremost having a passion; it means loving to share, to host, to create a connection and to make others happy. Private: Fatine & Pierre, Host couple
Client satisfaction is the absolute priorty Gratianne, Head of communication for City experience
A humanist company based on goodformance : performance + goodwill Bertrand, Managing Director
I love to create a connection with our guests so they become part of our great family and feel wonderfully at ease when they are here. Anouk, Seminar advisor for City experience

Our Recruitment Process

What it is like being hired at Châteauform' ?

Each application is given careful consideration and every candidate will receive an answer.
Successful candidates then go through an integration and training process because we like to offer a personal welcome to each new recruit.

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